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Prepare to Meet Your Tax Preparer


If this is your first appointment with Artbooks, it is important to bring in the last tax return you filed. You also need to total your revenue and expense categories before coming in. There will be no time to do this in the appointment. It might be helpful to bring a list of your questions.


You and a preparer will work together for at least an hour. At the end of this time you should have a pretty good idea of the damage. After your meeting we provide three levels of checking before the return is xeroxed and copies are sent to Ottawa and you. We will keep one on file.


If you have several years of taxes to catch up, we suggest five basic steps to organize yourself:


  1. Gather all the bits of paper that might pertain to the task. Don't forget that storage locker or the pile in the junk drawer.


  2. Sort the pile by year.


  3. Sort the first year into envelopes, lunch bags or baggies by category.


  4. Borrow an adding machine with a tape and add the contents of each envelope.


  5. Go over the Tax Checklist and see if there is anything that you are missing and begin to track it down. (Especially RRSP receipts, T4 slips, and large medical receipts).


If, as a model citizen, you have only one year to prepare, you can follow the above steps skipping the second one. In the Resources section, there is a list of forms and information to help you get organized and prepared to meet your tax expert at Artbooks.